Phase 3 - Contract

Phase 3 checklist

Have you completed Phase 3? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, you might want to revisit the highlighted sections of the toolkit and explore the suggested tools.

  1. Have you moved into advanced discussions with outcomes payers?  Have you identified any challenges they may face with pursuing a SIB and planned how to help them resolve these if possible?
  2. Will your programme be stronger or more attractive if you partnered with other providers? Have you identified potential provider partners who share your vision and values and complement your programme?
  3. Have you identified other partners and stakeholders (schools, teachers, healthcare providers, employers, etc) that will enable your programme recruitment and delivery and strengthen your proposition?  Have you developed an overall strategy for managing these relationships, including considering outsourcing stakeholder management?  
  4. Have you thought about the balance of risk and reward that is right for your organisation, and established your board’s view on this?
  5. Have you engaged legal experts to advise on contracts and terms?  Have you explored pro-bono support for this?
  6. Have you thought through, with your partners, the structure that will define your relationships? Will the structure include an SPV? How will your organisation be protected in case of under-performance? 
  7. Have you thought about how the work will be supported throughout delivery by the board and other stakeholders?
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