Social Impact Bonds

A toolkit for delivery organisations

What is in the SIB Provider Toolkit?

Whether you are considering SIBs for the first time, or you have already started your SIB journey, there is something in this toolkit for you.

SIB Basics

SIB Basics

Find quick answers to questions such as: What is a SIB? What is the difference between a commissioner and an investor?

If your quiz answers suggest that a SIB could be right for you, decipher the fundamentals here.

SIBs step by step

Access stage-by-stage tips, tools and resources for successfully developing and delivering a SIB.

If you are ready to develop or deliver a SIB, dive into the details here.

SIBS step by step

Download this toolkit

You can also download the SIB Provider Toolkit as a PDF.


The inspiration for this toolkit, and the material within it, comes from ThinkForward.

ThinkForward were one of the first organisations to complete a SIB in the UK. Since then, they have noticed a need for practical advice that is specific to charities and social enterprises developing or delivering a SIB. Based on their experiences, and that of other delivery organisations, they have developed a set of tips, tools and resources for the next generation of potential SIB providers.

About the SIB Provider Toolkit

Provider-led vs comissioner-led SIB link

A note on provider-led vs. commissioner-led SIBs

This toolkit is the first of its kind aimed at helping providers, rather than commissioners, to develop a SIB. Wherever the idea first came from – provider, commissioner or intermediary – the toolkit can help providers navigate complex concepts and delicate negotiations, to develop a SIB with the best chance of success.