Phase 1 - Define

Phase 1 Checklist

Have you completed Phase 1? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, you might want to revisit the relevant sections of the guide and explore the suggested tools.


  1. Have you created a logic model or theory of change to define:
    1. Who you will enrol on the proposed programme? 
    2. What the inputs or activities are?
    3. What the outcomes of your programme are?
  2. Have you made contact with potential outcomes payers, and negotiated the details of the outcomes to be paid?
  3. Have you estimated how many participants will be enrolled in the programme at any given time, if you’re running at full capacity? And what happens if things go wrong, e.g. recruitment, availability of case managers, school closures?
  4. Have you calculated the full cost of delivering the programme outcomes, including monitoring, evaluation and HQ support?
  5. Have you had positive conversations with potential outcomes payers?
  6. Have you planned scenarios to take into account all the things that can go wrong, both with the beneficiary flow and your resources to deliver the programme? 
  7. Have you priced your outcomes?
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