Phase 4 - Deliver

Phase 4 checklist

Have you got everything in place for Phase 4? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, you might want to refer to the relevant sections of the toolkit.

  1. Have you got user-friendly processes for gathering data and evidencing outcomes, co-designed with your delivery team?
  2. Are there mechanisms in place to ensure that the team is receiving, interpreting and using the full range of available information and resources? 
  3. Have you allocated time for reflection and feedback? Is your team empowered to raise flags when issues come up and propose changes to the programme? 
  4. Have you engaged all team members to feel motivated by the potential for learning and personal/organisational development that this new way of working offers?
  5. If you are outsourcing performance, data, or stakeholder management have you allocated time and resources to learn from your partner and adopt their best practices?
  6. Are there clear governance processes in place to deal with unforeseen challenges and support improvement in service delivery over the course of the programme? Do you feel able to raise urgent and critical issues with the board? 
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