Phase 5 - Learn

Phase 5 - Learn

The hard work does not necessarily stop on the official end date of the SIB. You will need to wind up the official structures of your SIB; close down the finances; communicate with stakeholders and decide ‘what next?’ for the organisation.

Many providers take the opportunity at the end of a SIB to undertake a full organisational review; this section offers guidance on taking stock of your systems and processes, partnerships and finances after a SIB.

This section also explores the different types of evaluation – be they led by you, your commissioner or even your investor – and how to make the most of a SIB evaluation. It includes common pitfalls experienced by SIB providers in the past, and advice on weathering a negative evaluation outcome.

Regardless, successful SIB delivery is a badge of honour within the sector and speaks well to potential future partners and funders about your organisation’s ability to manage its impact.

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